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Two Beautiful Women

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Two Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women. That is life for men. Every moment of our lives are filled with beautiful women. I believe that this is why men are still here and exist as we do today. Not because without women we would not be able to procreate, but for the shear fact the men adore beautiful women. As we walk down the street, as we drive down the road, as we dine in a restaurant or as we shop at a grocery store they are there. We pear down isles, lurch over the road, and change the path of our intended routes in order to catch a glimpse of a woman whom is unsuspecting. I do sometimes feel guilty about this but unfortunately this is something that I do not think men can help. We are drawn to a beautiful face in anticipation of that moment when the pace of our hearts quicken and the color from our face drains away. I can not accurately explain the feeling I get from seeing a beautiful lady, but since you may not understand (e.g. women), the feeling is as if everything around you stops and you and her are the only two people there. This may sound corny and kind of silly, but the feeling is truly genuine and many guys can attest to this fact. Take this for example. I was driving home from work one day, when unbeknownst to me, I was going to encounter an absolutely breath taken woman a couple miles ahead. I was taking my normal route home from work at about 5:06 PM on a Tuesday night. Being a typical male driver, I was speeding along weaving in and out of cars glancing into car windows as I sped past. This went on for about 5 miles when I happened to speed past a blue Honda Civic, a favorite of beautiful women, and during my usual passing glance I spotted a gorgeous woman. This inspired me to slow down my car, switch lanes from the fast lane to the slow lane and to decrease the speed of my car from the illegal speed of 85 to about 55. I assume that she did not notice my drastic change in speed. All this was in the effort of seeing her once more. This may seem odd to a woman, that a man can be drawn to physical appearance such as this. If it does seem odd, then be prepared, it got much worse. I drove beside of her for a while, passing my exit on the highway, and the next, and the next, until I had gone considerably further than my intended destination required. All this just to allow my prying eyes to leer at her physical appearance. By the time she had exited the highway toward her destination, I felt like I knew her already, and I actually missed her. This may seem weird, or even kind of freaky but, I can not help myself. It may seem worse when you think of my thoughts running wild. I was not thinking of what most women think men think of when they are ogling. I am not sure of most guys but when a woman like that catches me, I think of more permanent thoughts. I think about being with that person doing normal couple things, vacationing, holding hands, and every once in a while thinking about her fitting right into my current life as if she was there all along. This is all done without her consent or even her approval. I am sure that I am not the only man who can attest to these feelings and experiences. What a wonder world we have.

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