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Ten Effective Design and Minimalist in Apartments

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Ten Effective Design and Minimalist in Apartments

Do not hesitate to break down the concept of total occupancy in the apartment. With a little creativity, effectiveness and use of minimalist and financial aid, the apartment can be transformed as we want.

For residents of large cities, the apartment is the best choice for lodging. Parties, to be able to get vacant land or a house in the middle of the city clearly is not easy. In addition to the land that had been reduced, the price is selangit.Tak Surefire, could buy a room in an apartment building into a big happiness. That's also the price is not cheap. In fact, residents could only have the right of the building, minus the area of the building.

While the rooms have an area owned by the generally limited. Although we have enough money, the maximum space that can be owned apartments still have limitations. One limitation is quite annoying compared to conventional homes. Inevitably must be clever to outsmart the building occupants had it.

They should be able to make the interior design makes it comfortable to be occupied dwelling. Therefore, the same function room apartment with a home, despite having much of a difference.

"Obviously not the same. Arrange the shrewdness of the apartment dwellers need to do the design according to his will. For a flat bought ready-made, can not be built without restraint," said architect Probo Hindarto to Seputar Indonesia.

According to the Probo, designing something that is so clearly more difficult than making something totally new. For apartment dwellers can not change the eksterior.Pasalnya, part of it was already established by the developer. These sections have the exterior of unity with others in the apartment building, so that residents can do is to outsmart the other parts that can be processed.

"The worst may be formed by the residents is the interior. This is where residents can play around with the design," he said.

Probo added, for the interior, occupants should take into account the terms of the interior is minimalist and the desired effectiveness. Because in the apartment, the limitations of space becomes the main issue. Of course the most important note is the problem furnitur.Penghuni should choose furniture that did not take space and can give the impression area.

"It is important to outsmart the interior, especially in the selection of furniture that does not take place too much," he said.

In addition, residents must also select materials that can bring a comfortable atmosphere. According to him, one of the most difficult thing to get is the beauty of alam.Biasanya apartment dwellers, lack of land makes residents difficult to have a private garden. In fact, the natural atmosphere can give peace to the soul as well as feeling comfortable.

"Residents can choose natural materials. Can the many uses of wood elements or ornamental plants for indoors," he advised.

The presence of indoor plants will make the occupancy becomes more healthy. Increasing environmental pollution has a negative impact on health caused by free radicals that can harm health manusia.Polutan a substance that can harm human health. You may not be able to avoid these problems, but you can muffle a variety of ways. Like eating food that contains lots of antioxidants.

Another way is to put ornamental plants in the room. "Indoor plants can also make our homes much more fresh and sterile, free from pollution or free radicals," said landscape designer Arimbi Son.

There are several types of indoor ornamental plants that can become a choice, among others, Dracaena, firus, and sansiviera. However, to make room stay healthy, it should be noted how maintenance. In addition, the limited space should also be maximized by the occupants. Like for example the use of a separator. Use bulkhead must be truly effective and seminimalis possible.

"It could use a bulkhead or transparent glass products that can replace the bulkhead," said the Probo.

Meanwhile, the architect Imelda Akmal said, the selection of furniture to be the most important. According to him, does not necessarily have to replace the furniture that already exists, but who needs to do is outsmart shape.

"Under such conditions, built-in furniture can be a solution," said Imelda.

Built-in furniture is furniture made specifically about the size of the existing space to make it look neat. In addition, the concept of built-in also allows maximum utilization of space because it uses every inch of space. For example built-in wardrobe could use the width and height of the wall until you reach the ceiling, so didapatlah greater storage space.

"Built-in cabinets model not only for storing clothes, but also other equipment such as bed sheets, blankets, bags, even shoes," said Imelda, who has published dozens of books about the world of architecture and interiors.
In addition, modular furniture (large containers with a variety of space saving) will save space for storage. Under seat storage cupboards have shoes or a magazine. Under the bed can be placed or bendabenda book which may take place.

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