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Ten Is coral an 80's colour?

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Ten Is coral an 80's colour?

 Colour is the least expensive change you can make to your space and still have huge impact.   Certain colours often get a bad reputation because they were overly popular at a certain period.  No colours get more ridicule than the salmons, corals  and peaches because they were everywhere is the mid 80's.  But don't let that stop you from using them. It's all in the pairings.  These designs are timely and inviting.   What do you think?

Salmony orange  with charcoal gray can be extremely elegant and contemporary.  Many Turkish rugs use salmon as one of the main colours which makes this a timeless colour.

 You can put any colour with black and white and it looks stunning.

 And with white and soft gray this version of orange  is positively fresh.

 If  you like something a little more restful consider muted oranges with  earth tones ...

like in this lovely living room...

or mix in blue with earth tones like the bedroom below. 

 I would mix  these colours with an cream walls but the blue works well too.  Colour is such a personal thing; I never want to see too many colours in  a room where I want a  restful look.  

   A crisp look with a salmon /tangerine combination.

And for a girl's bedroom mix it with a pale aqua.

or  with true blue and white  in a living room...
or even with a muted purple in a bedroom or nursery. 

But I'm trying to warm up to mixing it with greens.  Too many memories there ....

especially this particular green

 I'm perfectly fine with it in a kid's room.... and a few hints of magenta would liven it up and make it more current.

But I just don't like the combination when it is mixed with toned olive greens. 

This green is a fresh spring green  mixed with lots of lights and the salmon is deeper  so it gets my nod.

Would you use coral/salmon/peach in your home?

All links to images can be found on my Pinterest board for Colour scheme inspiration.

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